Makita Construction Site Radios – What Makes Them So Good?

Ever notice how almost any construction site tends to have a Makita radio playing tunes on the jobsite? I guess this is not surprising, when you take into account the quality of ALL of the Makita tools. But why is are their radios so good, and why have they become so popular among construction workers? Well, first of all, there is the convenience factor. They can be plugged into either an AC outlet (or extension cord), or they can run off of virtually ANY Makita battery, which are used for many of the other cordless devices (drills, saws, flash lights, and so on).

construction_radio-23Another great thing that the Makita baustellenradio have going for them is the fact that they are extremely loud, making it easy to hear them while working outdoors. Considering how loud that most busy construction sites are, it is worth a lot to have a radio that is loud enough to hear clearly over all of the noise and the chaos surrounding the work zone. And these Makita construction site radio do not sacrifice sound quality for loudness either; they offer exception sound clarity and quality. They easily pick up the popular AM and FM radio stations, even when the weather is less than pleasant. They even offer a good amount of rain resistance as well, for when the weather gets rough. When you go with a Makita radio, you will never have to run and put it under cover every single time it starts to rain, which can get very annoying very fast, especially if you work in states that get a great deal of rain and thunder storms.

Last buy certainly not least, is the fact that the Makita radios are extremely durable and rugged, just like any of the Makita tools. They are reasonably compact and small, but offer amazing durability, and are actually quite hard to damage. Dropping them is not going to phase them much, if at all. And they are very easy to carry around, so you probably will not have to be afraid about dropping them anyways. But we all know that accidents happen, and that most construction or work zones are prone to things getting bumped and beaten around, but with these amazingly durable radios and you wont even have to worry about these things for the most part, within reason.

Basically the only downfall to a Makita construction site radio is the price, which is usually around $150 and up in most stores. However, the quality that you get make sit well worth it, and in the long run it is certainly a worthwhile investment, especially when compared to a cheaper radio that is never going to hold up in the construction business. So wouldn’t you rather dish out a little more cash and invest in a quality piece of equipment that will stand the test of time in your busy construction industry? It seems like a pretty easy decision, and you will certainly not regret purchasing one of these Makita radio.

The Makita Radio is Built to Last

Well finally after a heck of a lot of junked boom boxes and worn down car batteries, all the big tool making companies including of course Makita, started marketing their own radios, and nothing has been the same since. You see, these radios are built to last, and are jam packed with plenty of great features too.

Battery or AC Powered (120 & 220 Volts)

construction_radio-27To begin with, it’s made from molded neoprene plastic, and is wrapped in protective chrome bumpers and end panel guards, so you can toss it in the back of your truck or your box with all your other tools. This unit can also be powered by a standard slide, pod or 18V Lxt Lithium battery, or by AC plug in cord. By the way, that’s 120 or 220 volts.

5 Watts of Power Pushing Two 5 Inch Speakers

It’s both FM and AM, and features two channels with five watts of output, pushing two quality five inch speakers. Further features include easy push button channel selector with ten channel preset option, and durable no nonsense rotary volume knob. Did I forget to mention that it’s also weather proof and rated to withstand a full five minute downpour.

Makita construction site radio are the best for construction of radio.